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It's a commune belonging to the IX Region of the Araucanía, Cautín province, is located 87 km South-East of the regional capital, Temuco and 759 km from Santiago.

Thanks to its location, surrounded by lakes, volcanoes, hot springs and beautiful scenery, a remarkable growth in the area of tourism has been since hundreds of visitors who travel the area each year.

How  to get there?

By Bus:

There are several departures daily from the city of Temuco, both from the Rural Bus Terminal and the Bus Terminal located at 1005 calle Balmaceda. There are also various departures from other cities of the region. Check with local bus terminals for details.


By Plane:

There are several flights daily from Arturo Merino Benítez airport in Santiago to Temuco, from where you can continue your journey to Villarrica by bus or car.


By Car:

Whether you are traveling from the north or south of Chile, you need to take the Panamericana Highway. From Temuco, take Ruta 5 Sur until the city of Freire, and then take the turning towards Villarrica. The journey from Temuco takes approximately 1,5 hours.


What  to see?


Avenida Costanera
This beautiful avenue borders the beach and the jetty. There is an excellent view of the Villarrica Volcano, and of the lake of the same name. You can fish and practice water sports here.

Next to the buildings of the Universidad Católica.

Museum of Villarrica
In this museum there are important archeological finds from the Neolithic age, various articles from the Mapuche culture such as pots, jewelry, hides etc, as well as documents used by the Spanish colonists.

The Jetty
Located at the shores of the lake, this is an ideal place to take photographs, go for a walk, and take in the unforgettable countryside, with the imposing Villarrica Volcano in the distance.

Handicrafts Fairs
There are various handicrafts fairs all over the city. The one that stands out is the one located in Avenida Pedro de Valdivia on the corner with Aviador Acevedo, where you can see a Ruca (a Mapuche home) built with large reeds and junquillo, an exact replica of the ones you can still see these days in the Araucan countryside. 

Main Square
The Square is located on its original site, although it has since been remodeled to better serve as a recreational and meeting point.

Sitio de Villarrica
This is a Historical Monument located in Balmaceda on the northeast corner with Basilio Urrutia.


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